Membership Requirements

While all of our members share an interest in railroads and other forms of transportation, enthusiasm alone is not sufficient for membership. The Lexington Group is composed of individuals who have demonstrated a significant professional commitment to transportation history or practice, particularly in North America. In order to become a member each applicant must demonstrate noteworthy achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Current or prior academic employment in history, business, economics, or a related discipline which includes some coverage of transportation history or current practices.
  2. Production of a substantial body of published research regarding transportation history or practice.
  3. Current or prior employment as an executive, officer, member of upper management, or as an employed professional of a railroad or other transportation company.
  4. Current or prior employment in a management-level position by a state or federal department of transportation or a transportation regulatory agency.
  5. Other individuals who have received widespread recognition or expertise in a transportation-related field, as determined by the board of directors.

How to apply

Membership is by invitation only, and is subject to the approval of the membership committee and the board of directors. Individuals seeking membership must submit the following application materials (download this form):

  1. The completed application form.
  2. A one-page resume or curriculum vitae that provides evidence of noteworthy achievement in the field of transportation history or transportation practice.
  3. A brief letter (approximately 500 words) in which the applicant:
    • Provides a career narrative summarizing their significant accomplishments in transportation history or practice.
    • Explains why they would like to be a member of the Lexington Group.
    • Demonstrates how they might contribute to the mission and the ongoing activities of the Lexington Group.
  4. Recommendations from two current members in good standing of the Lexington Group.

All application materials should be sent to:

Albert Churella, President
The Lexington Group, Inc.
226 North Springs Way
Acworth GA 30101

Any incomplete applications will be returned. Successful applicants will be notified by the chair of the membership committee and at that time they will be asked to begin payment of their annual dues of $60.00 which includes a mandatory $10 contribution to the Overton Fund. All members will be expected to abide by the policies of the Lexington Group and organizations with which it is associated, subject to revocation of membership.